Investigation manuals for foodborne outbreaks

The FSVO provides documentation and tools to control mass outbreaks of food-borne diseases. This information is intended for the cantonal and federal authorities responsible for investigating the increasing number of cases of disease.

You can use ALEK too

This short video explains what the platform for the investigation of food-borne disease outbreaks (ALEK) is used for.


The following manuals set out the procedures for investigating outbreaks caused by micro-organisms or related toxins. They can also be used by analogy to investigate outbreaks caused by chemical agents, cases of mushroom poisoning, or outbreaks associated with showering and bathing water.

ALEK Praxisleitfaden

Practical guides

The practical guides summarise the stages for the clarification of an outbreak of disease. Detailed explanations can be found in the relevant handbook of the scenario in question.

List of supporting documents

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