Aids and enforcement

Aids and enforcement to enable a uniform interpretation of food legislation and to provide assistance for enforcement activities.

Investigation manuals for foodborne outbreaks

The FSVO provides documentation and tools to control mass outbreaks of food-borne diseases. This information is intended for the cantonal and federal authorities responsible for investigating the increasing number of cases of disease.

Criteria for the delimitation between medicaments, food-stuffs and utility articles

Es ist nicht immer einfach, Produkte in die Kategorien Lebensmittel, Medikamente und Gebrauchsgegenstände einzuordnen. Abgrenzungskriterien helfen bei der Klassifizierung.

Maximum levels for vitamins and minerals in foods

The previous maximum levels for vitamins and minerals in foods were based on the daily requirement for a nutrient. The new maximum level model is focused on protecting health and is based on current scientific knowledge.

Last modification 25.05.2020

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