Checking of coffee labelling: three false declarations in Switzerland

As part of the internationally coordinated OPSON VIII operation, thirteen European countries checked that coffee had been correctly declared. Three false declarations were found in Switzerland. Arabica coffee beans had been replaced by cheaper Robusta beans despite the label stating “100% Arabica coffee”.



New recommendations on the humane killing of reptiles

An important step has been taken towards improving animal welfare conditions: the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has adopted recommendations on the humane killing of reptiles. The recommendations were drawn up under the leadership of Switzerland.
For the first time, global recommendations exist for the humane killing of commercially used reptiles. This is an important step in improving animal welfare conditions in the production of reptile leather for the luxury goods industry.

Tibetan antelope

Tibetan antelope

Seizures of shawls made from Tibetan antelope wool

In 2018, the FSVO and the Swiss Federal Customs Administration seized 41 shawls made from shahtoosh wool. Shawls are seized every year, indicating that the illegal trade remains active. Three to five antelopes are killed in order to produce each shawl, which is why these animals are threatened with extinction.

Good to know

Brochure Before you travel

What you need to know before travelling

Most travellers are unaware of the risks associated with returning from abroad with certain foods, souvenirs of animal origin or live animals. The FSVO recaps the main information you need to know.

Chien dans une voiture

The car – a fatal trap for animals

Leaving animals in a parked car on hot days can have dramatic consequences, even if the windows are open and the car is in the shade. Dogs are especially sensitive. If you discover a dog in a parked car, call the police immediately.


World Food Safety Day

From this year, 7 June will be the “World Food Safety Day”. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of food safety in order to protect consumer health.

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