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Import of seal products


Switzerland bans the import of seal products

The import of seal products into Switzerland is to be prohibited, according to a decision adopted by the Federal Council in its session on 3 March 2017. At the same time, procedures for the import of animals and animal products will be automated. The Swiss Ordinance on the import, transit and export of animals and animal products (ITEO) will be amended accordingly.

Illegal fishing


Illegal fishing

Certain consignments of marine fishery products are subject to controls as from 1 March.



Meat scandal in Brazil

Switzerland, too, is marginally affected by the meat scandal in Brazil. Imports of meat products from the processing plants concerned were immediately suspended.

Flugzeug über Frachthafen

Import (query)

To prevent animal diseases being brought into the country, various conditions have to be satisfied when importing animals, animal products and foodstuffs. These depend on the country of origin. Trade in wild animals and protected plants is regulated by permits.

Travelling with pets

Travelling with pets

Anyone planning to travel with pets should complete the formalities well in advance. The travel regulations for pets are not the same as those governing the commercial import and export of animals.

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