Animal experimentation

Weniger Tiere in Tierversuchen

Number of animal experiments also decreased in 2020

30.08.2021: The recent statistics on animal experimentation show: in 2020, the total number of animals used decreased. Since 2015, the use of animals has decreased by about 18 percent overall. Experiments involving moderate to severe constraint to animals have decreased overall by 6.3 percent compared to the previous year. However, the percentage of animals subjected to severe constraint has increased to 3.5 percent.


Brexit_Neue Einfuhrbestimmungen 1.1.2021_EN

Brexit: New regulations from 1.1.2021

As from 1 January 2021, the nations of England, Scotland and Wales that are part of the United Kingdom will be considered as third countries from the perspective of veterinary and food law. This means that new regulations will apply to the entry of animals and animal products.

Illegal trafficking in fauna and flora

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Stricter sanctions for illegal trafficking in protected fauna and flora

The Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the amendment of the Federal Act on Trade in Protected Species of Animals and Plants (BGCITES). The amendment is intended to strengthen criminal sanctions, in particular in serious cases of illicit trafficking. The aim is to ensure more effective protection of endangered species of animals and plants.

Species conservation


Seizures of shawls made from Tibetan antelope wool

In 2019, the FSVO and the Swiss Federal Customs Administration seized 79 shawls made from shahtoosh wool. Three to five antelopes are killed in order to produce each shawl, which is why these animals are threatened with extinction. The consistently high number of seizures shows that the trade in these “shawls of shame” is an ongoing issue. 

Good to know

Tiere sind keine Geschenke_Web-EN

Animals are not gifts

Animals should not be given as gifts at Christmas or on any other occasion. They are not goods that can simply be exchanged. A pet takes a lot of time, work and money.


Swiss dried meat in Japan

As of the end of September 2021 Swiss exporters of products based on bovine meat (e.g. dried meat) once again have access to the Japanese market. After many years of negotiations and several inspections by the Japanese authorities Japan has lifted the embargo on importations of fresh bovine meat and products based on bovine meat (embargo initially introduced during the ‘mad cow’ crisis 30 years ago). Up to now, only the USA, Canada, France and Brazil could export these products to Japan.

Senecio jacobaea

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in herbal tea, tea and iced tea

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids are undesirable toxic natural substances. A study by the FSVO shows that most of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids pass from the herb into the infusion during the preparation of tea.

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