Illegal trafficking in fauna and flora

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Stricter sanctions for illegal trafficking in protected fauna and flora

The Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the amendment of the Federal Act on Trade in Protected Species of Animals and Plants (BGCITES). The amendment is intended to strengthen criminal sanctions, in particular in serious cases of illicit trafficking. The aim is to ensure more effective protection of endangered species of animals and plants.

Animal experimentation


Animal experiments in 2019: further decrease in the number of animals used for experiments

A total of 572 069 animals were subjected to animal experimentation in Switzerland in 2019. According to the animal experimentation statistics of the FSVO this corresponds to a decrease of 2.5 % compared to 2018. 3.2 % of the animals used were subjected to experiments that involved severe constraint. Experiments involving moderate to severe constraint on the animals have increased.

Species conservation


Seizures of shawls made from Tibetan antelope wool

In 2019, the FSVO and the Swiss Federal Customs Administration seized 79 shawls made from shahtoosh wool. Three to five antelopes are killed in order to produce each shawl, which is why these animals are threatened with extinction. The consistently high number of seizures shows that the trade in these “shawls of shame” is an ongoing issue. 


StAR Campaign Dog

Campaign to return unused antibiotics

What should you do with antibiotics you no longer need? If you use them inappropriately later on, give them to someone else or don’t dispose of them correctly, resistance to antibiotics can build up and they can even become ineffective. For this reason, 18 November sees the launch of a national campaign encouraging people to return unused antibiotics.

Good to know

The declaring of furs needs to be improved

The 2019/2020 report on fur declaration inspections shows that significant knowledge gaps remain in the sector. Some rejections were due to the complete absence of a declaration. Based on the knowledge gained, the FSVO will provide more information to points of sale and tighten up on enforcement.

Beverage border checks

Results of border controls on foodstuffs of plant origin and commodities

Every year, the FSVO carries out multiple border control programmes in collaboration with the Federal Customs Administration and the cantonal authorities. Of the 428 samples analysed in 2019, 100 were non-compliant with legislation. The list of goods concerned and a detailed analysis of the results are available in the current report.

Früherkennung Sicherheit der Lebensmittel

The FSVO compiles the most important food safety information every month

Monitoring developments in the field of food safety is an essential task of early detection. This is why the FSVO summarises and evaluates the main information in Seismo Info.

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