The handling of experimental animals is clearly regulated. In addition to the legal requirements, we provide you with specific technical information, explanations and forms on this page. Animal experiments must be managed with the web application "e-tierversuche". Relevant information can be found on the subpage "e-tierversuche".

The 3Rs, the indispensable need and current best practice 

The 3R principles, the indispensable need according to article 137 of the Animal Welfare Ordinance and current best practice must be complied with each animal experiment. In particular, the smallest number of animals (3R principle: ‘Reduce’) and the least possible constraint (3R principle: ‘Refine’) are to be used. 

All experiments should be planned, performed and evaluated according to current principles of best practice. New scientific findings and improvements in methodology must be taken into account for each experiment. 

Continuing education courses recommended by the VSKT [Association of Swiss Cantonal Veterinarians] for recognition 

Due to the new structure of the BLV website and the server environment, it is no longer possible for technical reasons to publish recognized courses on animal studies from the ‘e-Tierversuche’ [e-animal studies] application on the BLV website. 

The Institute of Laboratory Animal Science at the University of Zurich provides a link to the list of courses on its website. The link to the pdf file can be found on this website at the bottom on the right. 

Please note that everyone at institutes that have access to ‘e-animal studies’ can search and retrieve all courses via the main menu item (grey area, on the left). The course list can be exported as a CSV file.

Technical information and explanatory notes on applications, authorisations, reports and announcements can be found under "Forms". Further technical information on selected topics can be found under "In detail".

If access to the application "e-tierversuche" is not yet available or if authorisation procedures are processed outside the application (e.g. application for a new laboratory animal facility), the corresponding forms can be downloaded here.

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Animal experimentation

Laboratory animal facility

Genetically modified lines or mutants with an impaired phenotype


English translations

English is not an official language of the Swiss Confederation. These translations do not correspond to the latest versions of the legislative texts. They are provided for information purposes only and have no legal force.

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