animex-ch – the new web application for animal experiments

The animex-ch web application will guarantee compliance with regulations on animal experiments in Switzerland even more efficiently in future. animex-ch replaces e-tierversuche (e-TV). The application is a centralised information system for all institutes and authorities involved in animal experiments.


Important dates and activities before GoLive RE1

Date Process/activity
  • All valid data are being migrated regularly from the current e-tierversuche (e-tv) to animex-ch as planned.
  • The user data from e-tv are being synchronised weekly with animex-ch.
As of now No new tokens will be issued for e-tierversuche.
12.08.2020  From this date on, no new system accesses will be confirmed in e-tv. These can only be requested in animex-ch.
13.08.2020  No new users can be created in e-tv after this date.
  • By this date, the cantons and institutes should have cleansed the master data in e-tv. Details were communicated in previous newsletters.
  • The merging of duplicate users in e-tv should be completed as far as possible by this date.
  • Applications with the status “OPEN” (draft mode) in e-tv should be submitted to the canton by this date, so they can be migrated to animex-ch. Unsubmitted applications will not be migrated – reopened applications will be migrated as normal.
  • Until this date, PROD animex-ch remains available for onboarding, then again from 31.08.2020.
25.08.2020 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • From this date on, the current e-tierversuche application will be frozen and no longer available to any of its users, with the exception (read-only) of users with the role CO (Canton Operator).
  • From this date on, PROD animex-ch will also be unavailable until the GoLive.
  • Final data migration and other technical activities regarding GoLive will be carried out until 30.08.20.
31.08.2020 ab 08:00 Uhr GoLive of animex-ch with the functionalities of Release 1.

The current e-tierversuche application has reached the end of its life cycle. The modernisation introduced with animex-ch will allow everyone involved to manage their official procedures and communications efficiently online. All processes will be improved and some will be expanded. The centrally regulated procedures in the field of animal experiments are based on the Animal Protection Act and the Animal Protection Ordinance.

The application includes electronic processing of the complete licensing procedure for animal experiments, administration of researchers’ compulsory training and further education, monitoring of animal experiments, and preparation of reports and annual statistics. The new system can handle the licensing of animal facilities as well as the full reporting and approval procedure for lines with an impaired phenotype. In animex-ch, therefore, many processes can be managed efficiently online, directly in the system, as the following figure shows (in grey: processes in the current e-tierversuche, in blue: processes in the new animex-ch system).

  • Step 1: All applications (A, H, M and G) and licences will now be processed in animex-ch, with no need for external processing outside the system, as is still the case in e-tierversuche for forms H, M and G.
  • Step 2: The full application and licensing procedure for animal experiments is represented here in simplified form.
  • Step 3: Statistics and annual reports can now be generated directly from animex-ch and the connected data warehouse.

Example of an animal experiment application procedure (Form A):


Next steps

The next steps are shown in the diagram below. The process for ordering the new dedicated tokens for future users of animex-ch started in March 2020. These tokens enable users to register and to access the animex-ch welcome page. This is called the onboarding process and has been opened to users from the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO), cantonal veterinary services and animal welfare commissions, and to the induction training staff.

From the end of August 2020, animex-ch Release 1 (RE1) will trigger the switch-over to the new system. The application procedures for animal experiments (Form A), personal details and details of researchers’ compulsory training and further education will be migrated to the new system. At the same time, the old e-tierversuche application will go offline. To make sure that all applications are migrated, including attached documents, the old system will be frozen for a few days (up to five working days). During this period, there will be no access to either the old e-tierversuche application or the new animex-ch application.


Onboarding in animex-ch RE1

For onboarding in the new animex-ch application, user groups (e.g. a cantonal veterinary service) will be asked to log in to the system and verify themselves using their personal data. Video instructions will ensure that everyone is able to complete the onboarding process. If you have any questions, please contact the animex-ch office (

FAQs about the project

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