Enforcement of the Washington Convention (CITES)

The FSVO is the authority responsible for enforcing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (also known as the Washington Convention) in Switzerland. This means that, in keeping with this Convention, animals and plants that are endangered worldwide are protected from extinction in Switzerland too.

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Stricter sanctions for illegal trafficking in
protected fauna and flora


BGCITES implements the convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES Convention). In particular, it contains regulations on the import, transit and export of endangered animals and plants.

At its meeting on 18.09.2020, the Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the amend-ment of the Federal Act on Trade in Protected Species of Animals and Plants (BGCITES). The amendment is intended to strengthen criminal sanctions, in particular in serious cases of illicit trafficking.

Serious cases of illegal trafficking of internationally protected animals and plants are to be criminalised in future. There is also a new obligation to provide information for persons selling specimens of protected species. The proposed amendments also provide for the possibility of temporary import bans.



The basis for implementation of the Washington Convention is the Federal Act on the Trade in Protected Animal and Plant Species, FA-CITES (Bundesgesetz über den Verkehr mit Tieren und Pflanzen geschützter Arten).

This Act regulates the import and export of protected species of animals and plants as well as products made from them.

Enforcement of the CITES Convention

CITES is an international trade convention designed to ensure the sustainable use and conservation of animal and plant populations. The species conservation legislation (FA-CITES, the CITES Ordinance and the CITES Control Ordinance) permits enforcement that is structured in a risk-based and flexible manner in accordance with international obligations and developments.

The CITES Expert Committee is on hand to advise the FSVO and answer any scientific questions relating to CITES.

Other enforcement duties relating to species conservation

Pursuant to FA-CITES, animal and plant species are deemed to require protection if they are harvested from nature or traded to an extent that could endanger the sustainable use of natural stocks.
In this regard, the FSVO is also entrusted with other tasks aimed at enforcing international species conservation in Switzerland.

Protecting whales

As a member of the International Whaling Commission, Switzerland aims to play the role of a reliable mediating partner.

National species conservation

Switzerland actively promotes species conservation, both internationally and nationally, by enforcing domestic laws and international conventions.
The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)(1) is responsible for protecting native animal and plant species. The cantons and communes, as well as private organisations, also make valuable contributions by establishing conservation areas, among other endeavours.

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