Appels à projets de recherche

The FSVO is launching calls for research projects that meet its priorities. These priorities must also be taken into account in grant applications.


As in previous years, the FSVO will again launch research calls. These calls will concern, in the first instance, research on humanely ending the life of animals (mice, rats, poultry and pigs) for the first one and on climate-related challenges for animals and food for the second one. These will be published on by the end of April 2020.

In addition, the FSVO is calling for projects with a contract value lower than the threshold set by the public procurement law:

Project selection and requirements

Submitted projects must meet the research priorities laid down in the FSVO Research Concept (see “More Information”). They must assist the FSVO in its activities.


The timeline for projects according to the above mentioned topics is as follows:

  • the project proposal should be sent before March 31th at the address
  • in April, preliminary selection of submitted proposals
  • by June 30th, submission of full proposals
  • by the mid-August, review by external panel of experts
  • in September, final selection of the full proposals
  • January 2021, project start

Financial aid for research

In the context of research on behalf of the public administration the FSVO may award grants to third parties. Grants for research projects may be requested by means of the relevant application form for funding (see “More information”). In addition, a leaflet provides important information.

International cooperation

The Federal Department of Home Affairs, represented by the FSVO, participates in the funding of ERA-NET ICRAD (International coordination of research on infectious animal diseases). The call was launched by January 31st 2020. The deadline for pre-proposal submission is 31st March 2020. More information on

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