Research to successfully combat foot rot

Findings from research are needed in order to develop a successful national programme to combat foot rot. The FSVO is thus funding various studies on foot rot.  

Findings from research are needed in order to develop a successful, national programme to combat foot rot. Consequently, the FSVO is financing various studies on foot rot.

Foot rot or infectious pododermatitis is a painful hoof infection that occurs worldwide. Mainly affecting sheep, it causes substantial economic losses in Switzerland. A national control programme under FSVO direction has been in planning since 2015.

Together with major stakeholders in sheep farming, the FSVO is developing a Concept for nationwide control (link in German).

Antibiotic-free treatment

To develop the best possible strategy, data and information are needed. These are emerging from various fields of research into foot rot. The efficiency of control and the methods used are being investigated. If possible, control should be carried out without the use of antibiotics. Careful handling of the sheep is another area of focus. Selected research topics are shown below:

Research projects on foot rot

More Information

Im Detail

Foot rot in sheep (in German)
Information on foot rot in sheep: Articles, videos, technical information and presentations.


Im umfangreichen Schlussbericht der Wirtschaftlichkeitsstudie der ETH, der Universität Bern und des Beratungs- und Gesundheitsdienstes für Kleinwiederkäuer BGK werden die Vorgehensweise, die einzelnen Teilstudien und die Schlussfolgerungen der Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse einer Bekämpfung der Moderhinke in der Schweiz beschrieben. ARAMIS – 15.05

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