Research projects related to animal welfare in focus

Reducing antibiotic use in calf rearing

What affects calf health? Why is antibiotic use so high in calf farming? Based on several projects, the FSVO provides answers and proposes specific measures to improve the situation on the ground.

ASF – the level of hygiene of the pigs influences the course of the disease

Current research shows that the hygiene level of pigs plays a significant role in the course of the disease caused by the ASF virus. These very relevant results will help to drive the development of a vaccine.

Combating multi-resistant bacteria in veterinary practices with good hygiene

Good hygiene prevents the transmission of disease-causing bacteria. The use of antibiotics is decreasing. The fewer antibiotics used, the lower the risk that bacteria will become resistant to them. A comprehensive hygiene handbook aims to help combat multi-resistant bacteria in veterinary practices.

Leisure horses need a healthy back

Riding is very popular. What can riders do to help their horse’s back health? You can find the answer here.



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