Research projects related to animal welfare in focus

Smart Animal Health

The “Smart Animal Health” research project collects and links data on farm animals. This gives an overview of livestock farming in Switzerland, making it possible to monitor developments in the areas of animal husbandry and health.

Welfare-compliant killing of laboratory rodents

Using CO2 to kill food and laboratory animals is standard practice worldwide. How stressful this method is for the animals has not been fully clarified. In a study initiated by the FSVO, researchers are investigating this question and seeking alternative methods that are kinder and more welfare-compliant.

Finally – a solution to foot rot?

The FSVO has been involved in several research projects to eradicate this painful disease in sheep. The results are presented here.

Reducing antibiotic use in calf rearing

What affects calf health? Why is antibiotic use so high in calf farming? Based on several projects, the FSVO provides answers and proposes specific measures to improve the situation on the ground.



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