Live animals from the EU

The conditions that apply to imports of animals and goods of animal origin from the EU are the same as those that apply to the movement of animals within the EU.

Exemption permits

Standard import provisions apply to many animal species. A permit is required if they cannot be fulfilled, Exemption permits are only issued in special cases. Complete the appropriate import application for dogs, cats, ferrets (07/23) or for other animals (07/24) (see "More information").


Commercial imports must be handled using the TRACES system.

Species conservation

Certain animal species are additionally subject to species conservation provisions. Please check the conservation status in the CITES species list and submit an import application where necessary. If an import license is required, the species conservation control must be performed after the animals have been imported.
The shipment must be notified to the customs authority and presented to the chosen species conservation control office within 48 hours (two working days) (see "More information"). The fee for the species protection inspection will be collected in advance by the customs authority.

Detailed information about the individual animal species and the applicable import provisions is available under the corresponding search option under Import.

Animal transport

Vertebrates may only be transported by transport companies approved by the EU or by the competent Cantonal Veterinary Office.

Genetically modified animals

Genetically modified animals may not be imported. Exemptions are only possible for research, therapeutic and diagnostic purposes in humans and animals.

General import permit, quotas and customs

Certain farmed animals and their genetic materials require a general import permit. This is the responsibility of the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG). Questions relating to quotas should also be directed to the FOAG. Importers should also consider the customs aspects.

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