Lagomorphs from the EU

Scope / conditions

The import provisions apply to all lagomorphs, including Leporidae (hares and rabbits) and Ochtonidae (pikas).

Entry into the country with pets is subject to the regulations on "Travelling with pets", provided the animals are accompanied by their owner.

Under the bilateral agreements between the EU and Switzerland, the animals must comply with the requirements of Directive 92/65/EEC.

Health certificate / TRACES

The veterinary officer in the country of origin must send an electronic TRACES notification. The cantonal authority must record the establishment of destination in Switzerland in the TRACES electronic system before the first import takes place.

The animals must be accompanied by a TRACES certificate 92/65 E1. Only the stamped and signed original will be accepted.

Overarching protective measures

The protective measures in force on the day of import apply in all cases.

Inspection on entry into the country

Please note that it is not possible to import all categories of animals and goods into Switzerland at all border crossing points. The customs authorities have full autonomy in determining the responsibilities of each customs post.

The competent cantonal authorities check the prescribed health certificates or commercial documentation as part of their control activities.

Last modification 03.10.2016

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