Legal Affairs, Policy and Resources Division

The Legal Affairs, Policy and Resources Division is responsible for legal and political affairs within the FSVO. It directs the strategic planning and is responsible for Human Resources, Finance and Languages. The focus is on the consistent promotion of innovative, agile strategies and on cross-unit cooperation.

Legal Affairs

  • assesses legal issues and provides the Office with legal advice;
  • plans and directs legislative affairs in all areas of Office activity and prepares decrees and dossiers for parliamentary discussion;
  • processes people’s initiatives;
  • conducts appeal procedures for the FSVO and drafts its opinions as an authority on legal proceedings;
  • conducts administrative prosecutions;
  • advises cantonal authorities on issues of interpretation concerning the enforcement of decrees within the Office’s area of responsibility;
  • advises the Office on matters relating to data protection and the principle of public access;
  • participates in decisions and objection procedures.

Political Affairs

  • supports the Directorate and Executive Board in the management of Federal Council, Department and Office affairs and the coordination of cross-sectoral tasks;
  • processes parliamentary motions and prepares dossiers for discussion in commissions and councils;
  • examines consultations from other Offices and co-reporting procedures of other Departments and contributes the FSVO’s position and expertise;
  • prepares draft responses for the Head of Department and Secretary General, e.g. to politicians and associations;
  • prepares the annual report of the Federal Council;
  • prepares for official meetings with the Head of Department.

Strategy and Governance

  • leads the planning and reporting process of the FSVO and IVI;
  • supports the Executive Boards in strategy development and governance of the Office/Institute;
  • is responsible for business and enterprise architecture and supports organisational development;
  • supports the divisions in their quality management and coordinates the ISO certification of the Office;
  • advises the divisions on procurement issues and is responsible for legally compliant procurement;
  • is responsible for risk management and coordination of evaluations within the FSVO and IVI.

Human Resources

  • implements the HR strategy of the Federal Administration, Department and Office;
  • ensures human resources within the framework of Department, Confederation and Office requirements;
  • looks after employees from the start to the end of their employment;
  • advises employees and managers on HR issues;
  • coordinates and handles all administrative HR procedures;
  • is responsible for occupational health management and diversity management.


  • operates the finance and accounting system including cost-benefit accounting;
  • manages the financial controlling and collects key figures for the Executive Board;
  • develops and implements the Internal Control System (ICS);
  • ensures financial resources within the framework of Department and Confederation requirements;
  • trains apprentices to become commercial employees.


  • ensures that the FSVO reaches its contacts promptly in the desired language;
  • translates texts;
  • organises language services by external providers;
  • revises texts in the original language;
  • advises the Office on new terminology;
  • organises events to promote multilingualism.

Last modification 08.04.2021

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