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The FSVO is the Swiss federal centre of excellence for the fields of food safety, nutrition, animal health, animal welfare and species conservation in international trade.


Animal welfare

Tierschutzverordnung Änderung

Amendments to ordinances in the veterinary sector

At its meeting of 10 January 2018, the Federal Council approved various amendments to ordinances in the veterinary sector aimed in particular at promoting the humane and respectful handling of animals. The amendments concern above all the animal welfare ordinance and the ordinance on slaughter practices and meat inspection. The amendments come into force on 1 March 2018.

Swiss Nutrition Strategy 2017-24

People sharing a meal at a table

Enjoy a varied diet and stay healthy

The federal government is presenting the Swiss Nutrition Strategy for 2017-24. It has a clear vision: all people in Switzerland can opt for a balanced and varied diet, regardless of their age, background or income – an important prerequisite for good health.

Good to know

Travelling with pets

Travelling with pets

Before they can travel, dogs, cats and ferrets need at least a pet passport, a microchip and a valid rabies vaccination. The exact requirements are determined by the country to which you are travelling.

Fromage, lait, viande

Report on the monitoring of zoonoses

Zoonoses are diseases which can be transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa. In 2017 campylobacteriosis was once again the zoonosis most commonly recorded in humans in Switzerland.


Species conservation

The FSVO and the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) seized 34 shahtoosh shawls in 2017. Two to five protected Tibetan antelopes are killed in order to produce a single shawl.

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