The FSVO has its own small programme of applied research and supports projects at other institutions (primarily higher education institutions). This enables the Office to acquire the scientific basis that it requires to fulfil its mandate.

The FSVO bases its decisions, laws and ordinances on scientific findings. Research in all the areas in which the Office is active is required to provide the necessary background: animal health, animal welfare, food safety, nutrition and species conservation in international trade.

Research locations

The FSVO conducts research in the following locations:
The laboratories operated by METAS  (Federal Institute of Metrology) conduct research in the area of food safety on the Liebefeld campus. The Centre for Proper Housing of Ruminants and Pigs is located in Tänikon (see also Animal Health and Welfare Division). The IVI I(nstitute of Virology and Immunology)  is likewise associated with the FSVO. Animal diseases are studied in the IVI. There is also close cooperation with the ZTHZ (Centre for Proper Housing of Poultry and Rabbits) in Zollikofen near Bern and the VPHI (Veterinary Public Health Institute). Both are affiliated with the University of Bern.

Research as a basis for action

The FSVO carries out applied research to a limited extent at its own research facilities. It also supports research contracts and projects by research groups at other institutions (primarily higher education institutions). The aim of applied research is to be able to immediately implement the findings of these projects and to better integrate the enforcement and the science. Today's research is the basis of tomorrow's actions.

Information about the research projects can be accessed in ARAMIS, the federal research database.

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