Early detection for food safety

For sustainable assurance of food safety and the prevention of fraud, the FSVO identifies newly emerging risks to the health of Switzerland’s population. Early detection of this kind allows appropriate action to be taken in real time.

Early detection for food safety

The aim of early detection for food safety is to identify and assess potential risks of food to the health of consumers.



The FSVO distinguishes between different types of risk:

  • Microbiological risks in foodstuffs and food fraud and deception
  • Chemical risks in foodstuffs and commodities
  • Nutrition-related risks

The early detection of risks enables appropriate action to be taken in good time. The aim of early detection is to provide for the sustainable assurance of food safety in Switzerland and prevent fraud.

Development of a monitoring system

The detection of newly emerging risks requires vigilant monitoring of societal and ecological changes, technological developments, economic trends and political conditions.

To perform these tasks, the FSVO has developed an early detection system for food safety. This system considers information from a variety of sources, as well as the opinion of experts from the federal government, the cantons, industry and universities. The FSVO is also part of an international network that regularly shares information on new risks, assesses these risks and discusses the action to be taken.

This information is compiled in the ADURA database, which can be accessed by federal and cantonal government experts and to some extent also by the public. 

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