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Checking of coffee labelling: three false declarations in Switzerland

As part of the international OPSON VIII operation, coordinated by Europol and INTERPOL, thirteen European countries checked that coffee had been correctly declared. Three false declarations were found in Switzerland. Arabica coffee beans had been replaced by cheaper Robusta beans despite the label stating “100% Arabica coffee”.

Compliance with the maximum levels for ochratoxin A in coffee beans was also checked during the tests. Ochratoxin A is a harmful mycotoxin that can be produced if coffee beans are handled incorrectly. None of the 58 samples exceeded the maximum level for ochratoxin A.


Early detection

For sustainable assurance of food safety and the prevention of fraud, the FSVO identifies newly emerging risks to the health of Switzerland’s population.

World Food Safety Day

From this year, 7 June will be the “World Food Safety Day”. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of food safety in order to protect consumer health.

Last modification 21.06.2019

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