Food safety

Protocol on Water and Health


The sanitation quality of water in Switzerland remains good

Swiss consumers have access to good quality water: that is what the FSVO and the FOEN have been able to assess based on criteria suggested by WHO in its Protocol on Water and Health.

As part of the implementation of this Protocol, the two offices carry out a national assessment of sanitary aspects of drinking water and wastewater sanitation every three years.

For the first time, the results concerning the quality of drinking water are representative of the whole country. The data comes from twenty cantons and covers more than 77% of the country’s population, compared to 35% in the previous report.

Through this assessment, the offices have also identified the future challenges for Switzerland and have fixed goals that are in line with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the UN. 


Early detection

For sustainable assurance of food safety and the prevention of fraud, the FSVO identifies newly emerging risks to the health of Switzerland’s population.

World Food Safety Day

From this year, 7 June will be the “World Food Safety Day”. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of food safety in order to protect consumer health.

Last modification 20.08.2019

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