Swiss Nutrition Policy

A healthy diet reduces the risk of developing nutrition-related diseases. The government is therefore promoting a varied and balanced diet with the Swiss Nutrition Policy.

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In Switzerland today, food is always available in great variety and abundance. But many people still eat an unbalanced diet by consuming too much salt, sugar and fatty food, a diet which favours diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disorders. In addition to the human suffering they cause, such diseases account for around 80% of Swiss healthcare costs, highlighting the fact that a balanced diet is an important part of health promotion. Conversely, those who follow a healthy and balanced diet and also enjoy preparing and eating meals are benefiting their health and helping to prevent nutrition-related diseases.

Anyone can opt for healthy nutrition

The vision of the Swiss Nutrition Policy 2017-2024 is that all people can decide in favour of a balanced and varied diet. They should have a framework that enables them to maintain a healthy lifestyle on their own – regardless of their background, socio-economic status or age.

Three goals

Three goals were defined as part of the Swiss Nutrition Policy 2017-2024:

  • Increase nutritional competencies: the general public should be familiar with nutritional recommendations. The information about these should be available, easy to understand and simple to implement in everyday life.
  • Improve the framework conditions: In order to facilitate the choice of healthy foods, there must be a corresponding offering.
  • Integrate the food industry: Ever more producers and suppliers of foodstuffs and meals are making a voluntary contribution to healthy nutrition.

An action plan for implementation

The FSVO has worked with key players from industry, NGOs, government and education to draw up an action plan. The plan defines concrete measures for implementation of the policy in four action areas:

Measurable goals are defined for each measure to document the progress in implementing the Nutrition Policy.

About the origin of the Nutrition Policy

The connection between health and nutrition was first documented in a global political context at the International Conference on Nutrition of the World Health Organisation WHO in 1992. The WHO member states subsequently undertook to develop and implement national strategies to improve the nutritional status and promote health among the general public. Switzerland published its first nutrition policy in 2001. This has been further developed and adapted in line with new findings in recent years.

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