Food Chain Strategy

The Food Chain Strategy creates the basis for ensuring effective and efficient safety along the food chain. It determines the responsibilities and functions of the numerous players at federal and cantonal level.

Control of animals at the abattoir

The food chain covers the entire scope of food legislation. This includes regulations governing agricultural production and areas such as animal feed, livestock husbandry and plant health. It also relates to other areas of legislation where these affect food safety.
In Switzerland over 70 federal and cantonal offices are involved in legal enforcement and official inspections along the food chain. The system affects all players and sectors that are capable of influencing food safety by virtue of their legal mandate. This demands a high level of coordination and cooperation.

Objectives of the strategy

The overarching objective is to ensure safety along the food chain as effectively and efficiently as possible. The strategy describes strategic and operative objectives and is implemented through the National Control Plan (MANCP).

The strategic objectives are:

  • Food on the market is safe and complies with legal requirements.
  • The system continues to develop and promotes cooperation.
  • The system actively prevents crises and manages them successfully.
  • Optimum market access conditions are created.

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