The FSVO develops strategies and determines action areas with the aim of implementing political intentions and objectives in the fields of animal health, food safety and nutrition.

The FSVO aims for uniformity in its external and internal identity and to fulfil its duties to high quality standards at every point in the food chain.

In doing so, it pursues four strategic goals:

  • To actively promote the health and wellbeing of humans and animals and to be prepared for new tasks and threats.
  • To provide active leadership in the face of divergent expectations.
  • To provide its services professionally and efficiently.
  • To be an attractive employer.

The specialist strategies and action areas contained within the Office's purview and cross-departmental strategies are guided by these goals.

People sharing a meal at a table

Swiss Nutrition Policy

With the Swiss Nutrition Policy, the government aims to promote a varied and balanced diet. People who eat a healthy diet are less susceptible to non-contagious diseases and have a better chance of staying healthy.

Control of animals at the abattoir

Food Chain Strategy

The Food Chain Strategy creates the basis for ensuring effective and efficient safety along the food chain. It determines the responsibilities and functions of the numerous players at federal and cantonal level.

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Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance Switzerland (StAR)

L'efficacité des antibiotiques doit être garantie sur le long terme et le développement de résistances, être endigué. Dans cette perspective, le Conseil fédéral a approuvé aujourd'hui une stratégie nationale contre la résistance aux antibiotiques qui bénéficie d'un large soutien.

Last modification 06.10.2017

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