Vegan diets: review of nutritional and health benefits and risks (2018)

The growing popularity of vegetarian – and more specifically vegan – diets, the media controversy surrounding the publication of the report “Health aspects of meat consumption” and the increasing number of scientific publications in this field have aroused significant interest amongst members of the Federal Commission for Nutrition (FCN), prompting them to update their 2007 report on Vegetarian diets: advantages and disadvantages.
However, this new report has gone beyond simply revising the original, instead redirecting its focus towards vegan diets in particular. On the one hand, it examines vegan diets in relation to various disorders and diseases (primarily non-communicable diseases) and their impact on mortality, while on the other hand it highlights the risks of certain nutrient deficiencies linked to this type of diet in different age groups.
The authors of this report have drawn from the pool of scientific knowledge currently available to provide interested readers and health experts with information on the risks and benefits of vegan diets, thus helping people in Switzerland to make an informed decision on their own diet.  

Last modification 26.02.2020

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