National commissions

The FSVO works with various commissions in order to integrate expert knowledge into the development of legislative bases, into evaluations, or into training for enforcement bodies.

The FSVO uses the commissions to obtain specialist knowledge without having to buy in expensive reports by outside experts. The commissions also enable interested parties to influence FSVO activities, cooperate in developing compromises and contribute a practical perspective to training for enforcement bodies.

Members of extra-parliamentary commissions are elected by the Federal Council. FSVO commissions consist of representatives from cantonal enforcement authorities, other national organisations, universities and industry.

Commissions extraparlementaires

FSVO commissions

  • Standing committee on animal health
  • Standing committee on animal welfare
  • Steering group (supervisory body for the standing committees)
  • Standing committee on foodstuffs
  • Standing committee on veterinary medicinal products
  • Steering group data management VKCS–FSVO
  • Swiss Food Manual Committee

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