Reappraisal of the scientific evidence linking consumption of foods from specific food groups to NCDs (2020)

In Switzerland 2.2 million people currently suffer from non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This problem will increase substantially in the future, given demographic developments, and will pose new challenges to our health and social system. An important factor for the prevention of these diseases is a balanced and varied diet. Consequently, the Federal Commission for Nutrition FCN decided to prepare a report on whether it is necessary, based on the most recent scientific findings (2012 to 2017), to modify the recommendations of the Swiss Food Pyramid.

The underlying literature research of the report concentrated on those widespread NCDs related to nutrition: obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The present report with its recommendations to the FSVO serves as an important basis for the revision of the Swiss dietary recommendations.

Last modification 28.01.2020

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