Keeping of pets and wild animals

The Swiss Animal Protection Act (AniPA) and Animal Protection Ordinance (AniPO) regulate the keeping and breeding of pets and wild animals, as well as the training requirements for their owners and keepers. They also specify prohibited actions in relation to animals.

Chien dans une voiture


The car – a fatal trap for animals

Leaving animals in a parked car on hot days can have dramatic consequences, even if the windows are open and the car is in the shade.

Dogs are especially sensitive, because they can only get rid of excess body heat by panting. In a parked car, there is little fresh air and the temperature rises very quickly: the dog’s organs become overheated, and within a few minutes the animal can suffer heatstroke.

If you discover a dog in a parked car, call the police immediately.

Information issued by the canton of Geneva: Don’t leave your animals in a vehicle during hot weather (in French)


Frau streichelt Katze

Pets are animals which are kept in the household out of interest in the animal or as companions: they include dogs, cats, ferrets, rodents, rabbits and many other species.

Ornamental birds and fish, snakes, turtles and parrots are also included, as are birds of prey, pigeons and quails. However, it should not be forgotten that these creatures are wild animals, even if they are kept in captivity.

Fisheries and hunting fall primarily within the responsibility of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

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