Animal welfare in breeding

Anyone wishing to breed animals must take care to obtain healthy animals free from traits that cause strain. Anyone breeding pets commercially requires a licence and appropriate training.

Under the Animal Protection Ordinance, an animal may not be caused any pain, suffering or harm associated with the breeding goal. In addition, there must be no major interference with the appearance or abilities of the animal.

Breeding and exhibition ban for illicit breed types

Breeding should aim to obtain healthy animals. Anyone wishing to breed animals must first obtain sufficient information about hereditary problems of parent animals and offspring.

Animals suspected of having moderate or severe strain must be examined before breeding. The procedure is specified in the FSVO Ordinance on the protection of animals in breeding (see "More information").

Animals with high levels of strain must not be used for breeding, and breeding must not produce offspring with high levels of strain.

Animals that are bred with illicit breeding objectives in mind are not allowed to be exhibited (Art. 30a Para. 4 b TSchV (in French)).

Licensing and training requirements for commercial breeding of pets

The breeding conditions and health of the parent animals are crucial for the normal development of young animals. Breeders must be familiar with the feeding and housing requirements of the animals they breed. They must know how genetic defects and infectious diseases can be prevented.

Avoiding excessive reproduction

Some species of pet can reproduce to such an extent that the persons keeping the animals can no longer house, feed or care for them according to their needs. For this reason, reasonable measures must be taken to prevent excessive reproduction of animals.

Wild animal hybrids

Wild animal hybrids are crosses between domestic and wild animals which are placed on the market as ‘ancient’ breeds of dog or exotic cats. Over thousands of years, domestic animals have adapted well to living with humans. Many breeds have been created by breeding selection. For animal welfare reasons it is not justified to produce new creations by crossing with wild animals, as it is very demanding to keep them. The Animal Protection Ordinance therefore prohibits the targeted crossing of domestic dogs and cats with wild animals.

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