Approval and notification

Certain foods and utility articles require approval in Switzerland before they can be placed on the market. Others only require notification. Foods may be placed on the market provided they are safe and meet the legal requirements.

Approval of novel foods

When and for what is approval needed? What foods have to be approved? Answers to these questions are provided on this page.

Authorisation for Health Claims

Authorised health claims are listed in the Swiss legislation. Health claims that are not listed in the legislation must be authorised by the FSVO prior to use.

Approval of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) (in French)

Foods that are produced from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must be approved and labelled. At present, various products are approved for use in foods.

Authorisation of foodstuff businesses

Businesses which manufacture, process, handle, store or distribute foodstuffs of animal origin must be authorised. This authorisation is issued by the relevant cantonal authority. The authorisation includes the possibility of exporting to the EU.  

Licensing of insect farms (in French)

Businesses that farm, process, treat, store or sell insects (whole, crushed or milled) as food in themselves or as food ingredients require a licence. The cantonal enforcement agency is responsible for issuing these licences.

Notifications (in French)

Certain foods or additives that meet the requirements of Swiss law do not need to be approved, but do require notification. Notifiable foods are listed here.

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