Authorisation of foodstuff businesses

Businesses which manufacture, process, handle, store or distribute foodstuffs of animal origin must be authorised. This authorisation is issued by the relevant cantonal authority. The authorisation includes the possibility of exporting to the EU.

Businesses which manufacture foodstuffs of animal origin must be authorised (Art. 21 of the Ordinance on Foodstuffs and Utility Articles (FoodO). Authorised businesses may export their foodstuffs to the EU. The authorisation is issued in the form of a decree. The specimen government ruling serves as a template. The reporting form serves for compiling lists of authorised businesses. These lists will be published under the link indicated. The guidelines are intended primarily for the foodstuff enforcement authorities. They serve to ensure that inspection of the businesses requiring authorisation pursuant to Art. 21 FoodO is carried out as uniformly as possible.

Last modification 21.11.2018

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