Enforcement of the Ordinance on the declaration of furs

Under the Ordinance on the declaration of furs, the origin, species and rearing method of furs and fur products traded in Switzerland must be declared. The FSVO inspects these declarations.

The origin of furs used on clothing must be declared.

Anyone who trades in furs and fur products in Switzerland and sells them there must state on the product the species of animal, its origin and the rearing method used. The import, transit and export of cat and dog pelts and products made from them and trade in pelts and products of this kind is forbidden under Article 14 of the Animal Protection Act.

Inspection of fur declarations

The FSVO visits points of sale to ascertain whether declarations comply with the regulations. It usually inspects random samples. If there is reason to believe that a declaration does not comply with the regulations, a specific inspection is carried out.

If the declaration requirement is infringed, a fee is charged to cover the cost of the inspection. This fee is based on the time required. Depending on the infringement, a fine may also be imposed under the terms of Article 11 of the Consumer Information Act.

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Last modification 07.08.2019

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