Border veterinary service

The border veterinary service (BVS) operated by the FSVO at Zurich and Geneva airports controls living animals and products of animal origin from third countries during import or transit for compliance with the legal requirements.

The border veterinary service operates at Zurich and Geneva airports

The regulations governing the control of animals and products of animal origin by border veterinary officers form part of the animal disease and animal welfare legislation, species conservation legislation and food legislation.

Coordination of controls with the EU

Veterinary border control in the context of trade with the EU were abolished in 2009. Since then, the border control posts at the external borders of the EU have inspected shipments from third countries that are bound for Switzerland via EU states. The Swiss border veterinary service at Zurich and Geneva airports in turn controls shipments from third countries that are destined either for Switzerland or for onward transport to the EU. Both airports are thus part of the external border of the EU.

Veterinary border controls

Animals and products containing material of animal origin must be controlled by the veterinary border service on import or during transit. The animals and animal products that are subject to veterinary border controls are laid down in Article 6 of the Federal Department of Home Affairs Ordinance on the Import, Transit and Export of Animals and Animal Products in Transactions with Third Countries. They must be imported by air (with air waybill). The fees for veterinary border controls are set in accordance with the FSVO Fees Ordinance.

Species conservation inspections by the BVS

Many animals, plants and products obtained from them are also subject to species conservation legislation when they are imported. The BVS at Zurich and Geneva airports monitors compliance with these regulations.

Detailed information on inspections for compliance with species conservation legislation

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