Food Risks

The foundation for a solid nutrition strategy is a sound database. It helps to answer questions on the nutrition policy and to demonstrate where there are gaps and a need for action.


What ends up on my plate in Switzerland? Are we well supplied with all essential nutrients? How does the diet differ in the various population groups? In order to answer these and additional questions the FSVO carries out various representative studies and monitoring tasks. The aim is to determine current and representative information on the dietary habits and nutrient intake of the population, both for adults as well as for children and adolescents.

The FSVO uses the results to implement, assess the impact and the further development of the Swiss nutrition strategy. Targeted measures can then be determined so as to promote a varied and balanced diet.

The data are also made available for research and science. A selection of current FSVO projects is shown below:

Last modification 18.05.2022

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