Animals, products of animal origin, non-animal foods and consumer goods are all subject to different transit provisions. These provisions are also determined by whether the products originate in and are destined for the EU or a third country. 

Animals and animal products

As used in the legislation, the terms live animals and animal products apply to the import, transit and export of all potential carriers of animal diseases, i.e. live animals, products of animal origin, hay and straw. Products of animal origin are foods such as meat or cheese, semen and embryos and by-products such as furs, processed animal protein, pet food etc.

The legislation governing the transit of live animals and animal products differentiates according to the nature, origin and destination of the shipment. The provisions are determined by whether the shipment originates in the EU or a third country and whether its post-transit destination is a Member State of the EU or a third country.

Foods of non-animal origin and consumer goods

The legal provisions governing the transit of foods of non-animal origin, such as fruit and vegetables, and consumer goods can be found in Chapter 6 of the Ordinance on Foodstuffs and Utility Articles (SR 817.02) and in Articles 71 and 72 of the FDHA Ordinance on the Implementation of the Foodstuffs Legislation (SR 817.025.21), see "More information".

Foods of non-animal origin or consumer goods that obviously pose a risk to health may be confiscated by the control body during transit.

Origin third country

The transit of animals and animal products in which the EU is possibly involved in addition to Switzerland is governed by various provisions which require a differentiated approach.

Origin EU

The transit through Switzerland of animals and animal products from the EU is not subject to controls by the border veterinary service. Conditions apply to the transport of animals.

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