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Welcome to the website of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO

The FSVO is the Swiss federal centre of excellence for the fields of food safety, nutrition, animal health, animal welfare and species conservation in international trade.

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OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health
26th Regional Conference of the OIE Regional Commission in Bern. We report daily.
Animal welfare report 2014
The 2014 Animal Welfare Report is now available for download online. It contains contributions concerning current animal welfare issues and the work of the FSVO in this field.
Caution with Souvenirs!
Souvenirs from abroad must be chosen and bought with care: many animal and plant species are subject to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) or are protected by national legislation. The export and import of live specimens or products of such species is either completely prohibited or subject to a permit.
Travelling with pets, souvenirs, food
If you want to travel abroad from Switzerland with your pets or bring your pets with you to Switzerland from abroad, then you need to make some preparations. Certain requirements also have to be met if you want to bring home souvenirs made from materials of animal or plant origin or food.

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