The FSVO produces brochures containing practical information on travelling with animals, foodstuffs and souvenirs. These brochures can be ordered from the shop or downloaded free of charge.


What you need to know before travelling

Most travellers are unaware of the risks associated with returning from abroad with certain foods, souvenirs of animal origin or live animals.

The rules differ according to the country you are returning from. There are two principal categories: EU countries and non-EU countries.

This and other important information can be found in the current FSVO brochure:


Souvenir Tips

Souvenir tips for stress-free trips

This brochure shows how risky it can be to bring souvenirs back home from holiday trips. It provides an overview of the species in which caution is called for when it comes to souvenirs.

Before you travel

Before you travel – Important information about animals, foods and souvenirs

This brochure provides information on regulations to be observed when bringing animals, food and souvenirs of animal origin into Switzerland from trips abroad.

Brochure CITES

The role of Switzerland in international species conservation

This brochure provides information on CITES, the international convention on species protection. It highlights among other things the objectives of CITES, the role play by Switzerland and the animal and plant species that are protected.

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