Researchers must use the e-tierversuche (e-TV) web application to record their licence applications, reports and announcements on animal experimentation. 

All information on the application is available in several languages. The language can be selected at the top right. Accordingly, explanatory texts and relevant documents are available in German, French, English and to some extent in Italian.

At the bottom of this page, you will find the user manual, FAQs and information about the scheduled maintenance windows in the "Details" tab. 

In the "Details" tab, you will also find (if available) notes about current bugs and the corresponding workarounds. You find the Ordinance on the electronic information system for managing animal experiments under the "Legislation" tab. 

Contact for support 

The primary contact person for problems concerning e-TV is the superuser in the institutes and then the cantonal veterinary office responsible for the institute.

Please send problems that neither the institute’s superuser nor the cantonal veterinary office could solve with complete print screens to the e-TV help desk. 

The Helpdesk e-TV provides technical support.


  • Access problems
  • Error messages within the application 

The respective cantonal veterinary office answers questions about form and content.


  • Approval procedures such as the status of an application or the content of licences and reports
  • Training and further education with regard to animal experiments
  • Personnel management and role allocation in e-TV 

System access, roles and duplicate analyses 

In order to get access to e-TV, the person responsible for you must register your details under "Personnel" within the application. Resource Managers (RM) must first sign an agreement. Study Directors (SD), Involved Persons (IP) and Local Animal Welfare Officers (LAWO) must sign a confidentiality declaration. For getting system access, contact the person who is responsible for you: the canton assigns RM and LAWO roles. The RM or, depending on the specific parameters of the institute, the LAWO assign SD and IP roles. 

Only list persons once on e-TV: please avoid duplicate entries of the same data set. Duplicate entries generate duplicate analyses, which make the person invisible. If a person becomes invisible, contact the responsible cantonal veterinary office and do not enter the person’s details again. 

For reasons of traceability, keep personal access and roles up to date. Resource Managers and LAWOs are responsible for this task.

Important notes for making use of e-TV 



e-TV is a web application; therefore, two people must not edit or save the same object at the same time. Make sure that you save your data at regular intervals.


e-TV is compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Copy and paste text

For security reasons, certain elements are blocked; these are not visibly copied when inserting texts or formatting from external sources. When copying texts into e-TV, please avoid errors in the application, the report or the corresponding PDF by:

  • Using only the button PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT
  • Generating a PDF for review before submitting an application or report to the canton
  • Applying the following key sequence in each affected field of e-TV if there are control characters in the application or the PDF:
    ctrl+A, then ctrl+X, then save, then paste as plain text and save again

Forbidden special characters and tables

Use of special characters such as ‘<’ and ‘>’ as well as Excel and Word tables will block the application and the PDF version cannot process them correctly. 

Therefore, instead of the special characters ‘<’ and ‘>’, please use phrases such as ‘less than’ or ‘greater than’. Attach Excel and Word tables separately in the "Documents" tab within the application.

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