Ukrainian refugees with dogs or cats


Temporary easing of entry conditions for dogs and cats from Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is forcing millions of people to leave their homes. Almost five percent of refugees take their dog or cat with them. Dogs and cats entering Switzerland from countries such as Ukraine, where rabies still occurs, must meet certain entry conditions. However, the risk of rabies being introduced by dogs and cats accompanying their owners is considered to be low, as many of these pets are vaccinated against rabies or have had no contact with wild animals. Assessment by the EU Reference Laboratory for rabies, FLI (in German)

In view of the humanitarian crisis, the entry requirements for dogs and cats accompanying refugees from Ukraine are being temporarily relaxed.

The import of animals intended for new owners must be carried out according to the conditions for commercial consignments, without exception. Refer to: Import conditions for dogs, cats, ferrets - commercial consignments

It remains important to register all animals on arrival and to record whether they have been vaccinated against rabies. Dogs and cats that have not been vaccinated or whose status is unclear will be vaccinated. Persons entering Switzerland with an animal from Ukraine are asked to fill in the registration form below and send it to the following address: The owners will then be informed whether any further measures are necessary. The FSVO has also published a factsheet below. This will also be handed out in the Swiss asylum centres.

Pet owners and persons in contact with dogs and cats from Ukraine should seek medical treatment immediately in the event of bite injuries and tell the medical staff that transmission of rabies cannot be ruled out. For veterinarians and their staff, as well as exposed animal keepers, the Federal Office of Public Health recommends preventive vaccination against rabies as a general measure, irrespective of this particular situation.

Please find more information on rabies and its prevention on the websites of the FOPH and the Swiss Rabies Center.

Application form (in English and Ukrainian)

Instruction sheet (in English and Ukrainian)

Due to the high risk of disease, entry with poultry and hoofed animals remains prohibited. Owners of these animals are asked to make immediate contact with the veterinary authorities at their current location.

Temporary easing of entry conditions for protected species of pet animals (CITES)

As there is currently no guarantee that the Ukrainian authorities will be able to issue the necessary documents, the requirements for protected species of animals entering Switzerland are being temporarily relaxed. To ensure that animals can later be re-exported from Switzerland, they need to be registered. Persons entering from Ukraine with an animal subject to CITES, or any other pet animal classed as wild (e.g. birds or reptiles), are asked to complete the registration form below and send it to the following address:

Last modification 02.06.2022

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