Research projects and grants 2019

In 2019 the FSVO is launching a research call on the topic of Legionella. It will also award contracts for research projects with a value of less than CHF 230,000 which meet the priorities in the Research Concept. These priorities must also be taken into account when applying for grants for research projects.

The FSVO provides support to applied research.

Research call for a project on Legionella

The research call entitled “Research project on Legionella in buildings” will be published on 1 May 2019 on the Information System on Public Procurement in Switzerland at This call aims to invite research projects on an issue that is in line with FSVO strategies.

Other research calls

Contracts for research projects with a value of less than CHF 230,000 are awarded in line with the research priorities laid down in the Research Concept (see “More information”). Bids must be submitted in the form of a project proposal (see “Application form” under “More information”). We recommend that bids are developed with an FSVO employee.

Research grants

In the context of public administration research, the FSVO may grant financial support to third parties. Grants for research projects may be requested using the application form provided for this purpose (see “More information”). In addition, a leaflet provides important information.

More information

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