The FSVO has its own small programme of applied research and supports projects at other institutions (primarily higher education institutions). This enables the Office to acquire the scientific basis that it requires to fulfil its mandate.

The FSVO bases its decisions, laws and ordinances on scientific findings. Research in all the areas in which the Office is active is required to provide the necessary background: animal health, animal welfare, food safety, nutrition and species conservation in international trade.

The main areas of departmental research 2017-2020 at the FSVO include:

  • Infectious, in particular highly contagious, animal diseases
  • Improved animal husbandry
  • Information about the food consumption habits and nutritional status of the Swiss population
  • Improved methods for evaluating the safety of food and consumer articles

The FSVO researches in the following locations:

The Institute of Virology and Immunology IVI, which researches animal diseases, is also part of the FSVO.

Research as a basis for action

The FSVO carries out a limited amount of this applied research at its own facilities. It also supports research contracts and projects by research groups at other institutions (primarily higher education institutions). The aim of applied research is to implement the findings from these projects directly and to achieve better networking of enforcement and science. Today's research is the basis of tomorrow's actions.

Management of research projects

The FSVO manages the selection, funding and evaluation of research projects, from project bid or proposal through to completion (see "More information"). Reports on individual research projects can be found under the relevant topic in the "Completion of and report on a research project" section.

Information about the research projects can be accessed in ARAMIS, the federal research database.

Research projects and grants 2019

The FSVO accepts applications for projects that are related to its main areas of research.

Completion of a research project

At the end of research work, the research project is administratively completed, and the FSVO expects a brief summary among other things.

More information

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