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Version: 2013.11, 21.06.2013

Detail laboratory (2012)

Address    Suisselab AG Zollikofen 
 Schützenstrasse 10 
 3052 Zollikofen 
Web   http://www.suisselab.ch/
Email   vmd@suisselab.ch
Phone   031 919 33 66 
Fax   031 919 33 99 
Head office   Dr. Carlos Abril 
Phone   031 919 34 26 
Email   carlos.abril@suisselab.ch

Approved for (with reference function)

Bovine Virus Diarrhea / Mucosal Disease
Enzootic bovine leukosis
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis/infectious pustular vulvovaginitis(IBR/IPB)


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Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO
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