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Monkeys and lemurs (primates)

With a few exceptions, it is forbidden to import monkeys and lemurs for animal health reasons.

Import regulations
The importing of monkeys (Simiae) and lemurs (Prosimiae) is forbidden according to Article 79, para. 1 of the EDAV. This import ban is primarily due to the risk of disease transmission to humans (for example Marburg virus, viral hepatitis or AIDS).
In exceptional cases, the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office issues an import permit if suitable precautions are in place which allow the transmission of diseases to be excluded and if the animals are intended, for example, for scientific institutes, circuses or zoos.
A permit from the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) is required for importing these animals. The application form for an import permit must be completed in full and sent to the FSVO (form for download on the right).

Requirements of species conservation law
All monkey species are listed in the Appendices of CITES. The valid original species conservation document (CITES export permit ) issued by the species conservation authorities in the country of origin must be submitted on import in addition to the import permit.

Owner's licenc
The owner must apply to the cantonal veterinary office for an owner's licence.

Animal health regulations / health certificate / quarantine

Inspection according to species protection law (fees apply)
The consignment may be imported into the country via any customs post with commercial goods traffic during office hours.
The following ORIGINAL documents must be presented at the customs post:
- FSVO import permit including additional form concerning the species protection inspection office
- export permit from the country of consignment
The animals must then be presented at the selected CITES inspection post within 2 working days.
Details on these inspection posts and their opening hours can be found on the right.

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Further information

In the following document you will find all information on the customs clearance of the animals to be imported and the opening hours and locations of the inspection posts.