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Travelling with pets, souvenirs, food

If you want to travel abroad from Switzerland with your pets or bring your pets with you to Switzerland from abroad, then you need to make some preparations. Certain requirements also have to be met if you want to bring home souvenirs made from materials of animal or plant origin or food of animal origin.

Crossing the border with your dogs and cats: an online-tool

You want to bring along your dog or cat for holidays abroad? Before you leave you have to make some arrangements regarding identification (chipping), rabies vaccinations and pet ID. A new online-tool of the Swiss Food Safety and Federal Veterinary Office gives you all the help you need:

Comprehensive information for all sorts of pets

Comprehensive information about travelling or moving from abroad into Switzerland with all sorts of pets are available via the follwing links:
Informations about travelling from Switzerland abroad are only indications. There is no guarantee for them being complete or up to date. For details please check with the respective countries or the EU.

Travelling with horses

Informations about the regulations that need to be considered can be found at the following links:

Foodstuffs, hunters, fishermen

Many travellers would like to bring foodstuffs of animal origins (meat, milk, cheese etc.) to Switzerland. In many cases that is forbidden, in order to prevent the spreading of diseases, mainly for foodstuffs from third countries (= non - EU - states).

Hunters and fishermen who whish to bring home their own prey caught in other countries, have to comply with comprehensive regulations.


A piece of original coral, a belt mad of elelphant skin or incent sticks with sandalwood - there is huge variety of souvenirs offered in many tourist places. But for reasons of species protection many of these items may not be brought into Switzerland or only with special certificates. It is well worth to find out before leaving for holidays what is suitable as a souvenir.

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@blv.admin.ch

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Brochure: Before you travel (externer Link, neues Fenster)

Brochure: Souvenir tips (externer Link, neues Fenster)
The new FSVO brochure “Souvenir tips for stress-free trips” gives an overview of the types of souvenir that should be treated with caution.


Combating illegal imports of bushmeat: