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Lists of approved Swiss establishments

The cantonal authorities responsible (see addresses on the right) issue Swiss businesses with the operating permits required by current legislation. Permits issued in accordance with Swiss law also entitle their holders to export to the EU.

Products of animal origin

Type: PDF
Approved centers / teams animal semen and embryos
Last modification: 09.03.2016 | Size: 44 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Swiss establishments - animal Byproducts
Last modification: 09.03.2016 | Size: 204 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Legend to the list of approved plants animal by-products
Last modification: 05.03.2010 | Size: 155 kb | Type: PDF

Swiss establishments - Channeling:
These establishments are listed on "Swiss establishments - animal byproducts" by the remark "CHAN" .

Live animals

Type: PDF
Dealers and dealer premises (approved for international animal trade)
Last modification: 09.03.2016 | Size: 26 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Assembly centers export of live animals
Last modification: 09.03.2016 | Size: 23 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Approved transporters
Last modification: 09.03.2016 | Size: 59 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Registered Swiss Aquaculture Production Businesses
Last modification: 26.07.2011 | Size: 132 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Approved bodies, institutes or centers
Last modification: 09.03.2016 | Size: 34 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Circusses and animal shows
Last modification: 09.03.2016 | Size: 22 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Approved quarantine facilities or centres for the importation of birds
Last modification: 09.03.2016 | Size: 35 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Poultry establishments
Last modification: 29.04.2016 | Size: 79 kb | Type: PDF

Approved laboratories

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@blv.admin.ch

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