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Professional training and higher education


Studies towards higher education diplomas and doctoral theses are on ongoing element of the work at the IVI (see also "Research" and "Publications").


For additional information, please contact:

University Lectures

Christian Griot, Martin Hofmann, Nicolas Ruggli, Kathrin Summermatter and Andrea Vögtlin lecture at the Vetswiss Faculty of Bern and Zurich Universities (see also "Lecture Programme"), giving courses in veterinary virology and animal health research.

In general, the IVI scientific staff participates in the higher education of students - veterinary and biology - from both universities and professional schools of higher education (such as the Swiss College of Agriculture).

Work experience

At the IVI, the trainee joins one of the research groups, assisting one of the research scientists in the pursuance of their research work, within the overall research aims of the IVI. It's an engagement of several months.

Given the limited time frame and objectives of work experience projects at the IVI, participants are not offered special courses.


The IVI can offer laboratory training for apprentice laboratory technicians in areas of biology pertinent to the aims of the institute, as well as full training for apprentice chefs in the institute canteen and in the housekeeping.

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@ivi.admin.ch

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