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Other potentially infectious material from third countries that may be pathogenic to animals

This chapter informs on import rules for potentially infectious and pathogenic material to animals and on other products that can carry agents of epidemics - different from animal by-products, such as microorganisms and parasites etc. but also hay and straw, that may carry agents of epidemics.

They apply with reservation as to import bans, temporary sanitary restrictions and special conditions in force at the time of import.

Please apply for a permit at the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, with detailed information on nature and use of the products by postal mail, fax: +41 (0)31 323 85 22 or by

Please give us a detailed description of the products you want to import and the intended use of them. Furthermore we ask for your contact details (phone and fax number, mail).

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Information approval procedure 09/20b
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Request form for samples for special studies or analyses (09/20b)
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Owner of an annual permit are obliged to list the establishments of origin and keep the list updated. The FSVO and the cantonal authorities are allowed to ask for the list and to withdraw the permit in case this directive is ignored.

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@blv.admin.ch

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