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Non-commercial and laboratory samples from the EU

Special veterinary conditions for importing “non-commercial samples” intended for special use, e.g. testing of machines, development of products, laboratory analyses or research.

If the product cannot  fully comply with the standard import conditions (e.g. animal by-products of category 1 for BSE-diagnosis) the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office can issue import permits to special conditions for limited quantities – provided that the planed import concept can guarantee a “channelled” use and final disposal of the samples, avoiding direct or indirect (by contamination) threats to human or animal health.

Please also observe all „non-veterinary“ import regulations (e.g. customs formalities, import quotas, CITES). See also:

Samples from foodstuffs or pet food, that do not (longer) satisfy the provisions to be put on the market as such, can be imported in Swiss laboratories for analytical purposes without permit or the commercial document (as prescribed by Regulation EC 1774/2002). The consignments must be clearly identified als "laboratory samples", the addresses of consignor and consignee (laboratory) must be indicated on the packing. 

For other types of samples please apply for a special permit using the form below. Describe in detail the nature and intended use of the products, and indicate the coordinates of the responsible person, in case that additionnal information would be required:
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07/25 application form for permit to import products of animal origin from the EU
Last modification: 12.06.2014 | Size: 33 kb | Type: PDF

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@blv.admin.ch

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