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Semen, embryo and ova from the EU

In principle, the same veterinary conditions apply to importing animal animal germplasm (semen, embryos and ova) into Switzerland as apply to intracommunity trade. Semen must originate “approved” facilities (AI centres, semen storage centres). Embryos and ova of some animal species must have been obtained by accredited embryo collection teams.

If standard conditions are in place for importing a certain germplasm product, no import permit is needed. If no such conditions exist for a specific product or the standards cannot be met in a particular case, then it is essential to contact the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office in good time before the import. More ..
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Import of germplasm from the EU
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You find the specific conditions to import a given product in the corresponding subsection (left on this page).

=> additional guarantees relative to Bluetongue:
Zootechnical requirements and general import permits
The Federal office for agriculture is competent of questions relative to zootechnical requirements and the general import permit required to import bovine semen, see
Hatching eggs:
Import of fish eggs and fish semen:

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@blv.admin.ch

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Please study also the following document!

Temporary restrictions and special conditions

The veterinary conditions described on this page apply with reservation as to import bans, temporary sanitary restrictions and special conditions in force at the time of import:

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