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Apes, monkeys and lemurs

Veterinary rules for the import and transit of apes, monkeys and lemurs (Primates) from third countries to and through Switzerland.

They apply with reservation as to import bans, temporary sanitary restrictions and special conditions in force at the time of import.
Please take into account the requirements of the legislation on conservation of species, see page:

Import conditions - permit - quarantine

All information included in the following documents has to be studied with attention and all requirements to be met - it will help avoiding troubles at the point of entry (customs):  
Type: PDF
General rules for imports from third countries (version of January 1st. 2008)
Last modification: 17.07.2014 | Size: 36 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Import and transit of live animals from third countries
Last modification: 16.07.2014 | Size: 42 kb | Type: PDF

Supplementary specific requirements on importing apes from third countries – including quarantine measures (only available in German, French and Italian):
Type: PDF
Einfuhrbedingungen für Affen und Halbaffen aus Drittländern 95/83a (in German)
Last modification: 22.01.2007 | Size: 38 kb | Type: PDF

The import conditions apply for Tupaiidae, Lemuridae, Cheirogaleidae, Daubentoniidae, Lorisidae, Galagidae, Tarsiidae, Callithricidae, Callimiconidae, Cebidae, Cercopithecidae, Hylobatida and Pongidae. Importers need a permit of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, the animals have to be accompanied by an official veterinary certificate conform to the applicable models below:

Import permit application form

Type: PDF
Import permit application for live animals (95/57c)
Last modification: 12.08.2004 | Size: 10 kb | Type: PDF

Approved countries of origin

Imports are possible from all countries for which certain information on a “functioning official veterinary certification system” is available. This is documented for all countries approved to the import of meat according to Annex II of:
last amended by

Models of the prescribed import certificates

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@blv.admin.ch

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