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Circus and exhibition animals from the EU

Veterinary rules on importing circus animals (including those of “animal acts”) from the EU to Switzerland.

They apply with reservation as to import bans, temporary sanitary restrictions and special conditions in force at the time of import.
‘Circus’ means a travelling exhibition or fair that includes one or more animals; the rules on circuses apply mutatis mutandis to animal acts.

Import conditions - permit

All information included in the following documents has to be studied with attention and all requirements to be met - it will help avoiding troubles at the point of entry (customs):
Type: PDF
Importing live animals from the EU
Last modification: 25.01.2007 | Size: 34 kb | Type: PDF

Supplementary specific requirements on importing apes from the EU:
Type: PDF
Importing circus animals from the EU
Last modification: 11.01.2007 | Size: 28 kb | Type: PDF

Models of the prescribed import certificates / documents

The register of animals in the circus, the animal passports and the venue register must have been checked before leaving by the competent official veterinarian of the consigning country. He /she has besides to announce the transfer by means of the TRACES system.  All documents must be presented on demand to the inspection bodies in charge.
Type: PDF
Template of the TRACES certificate for circus animals
Last modification: 08.11.2007 | Size: 35 kb | Type: PDF

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