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Aquaculture animals from the EU

Veterinary rules on importing live aquaculture animals from the EU to Switzerland.

They apply with reservation as to import bans, temporary sanitary restrictions and special conditions in force at the time of import.  
Aquaculture animals means fish, aquatic crustaceans and molluscs (including shell-fish / mussels) at any stage of development (incl. gametes, eggs, semen), even those from the wild intended for a farm.

Important notice:

imports of all species that could threaten the native fauna are prohibited, they are listed in annex 3 of the "Verordnung zum Bundesgesetz über die Fischerei" , see Bundesgesetz und Verordnungen zur Fischerei  

Aquaculture animal of all species not listed in the above mentioned „annex 3“ may be imported from the EU without permits based on laws on epizootics or on fisheries, if they are to be exclusively kept for ornamental purposes in aquariums or “enclosed” garden biotopes. No certificates or veterinary border checks are necessary.

Import conditions - permit

All information included in the following documents has to be studied with attention and all requirements to be met - it will help avoiding troubles at the point of entry (customs):  
Type: PDF
Importing live animals from the EU
Last modification: 25.01.2007 | Size: 34 kb | Type: PDF

Supplementary specific requirements on importing aquaculture animals from the EU:
Type: PDF
Movements EU - Switzerland of aquaculture animals and some products thereof
Last modification: 05.03.2009 | Size: 157 kb | Type: PDF

Provisions of the legislation on fisheries ( in German):
Type: PDF
Zusammenfassung der fischereirechtlichen Bestimmungen (in German)
Last modification: 03.03.2014 | Size: 59 kb | Type: PDF

Application form the import permit for live fish and freshwater crabs (in German)

Import certificates

From July 1st 2009 onwards, "all movements of live aquaculture animals for farming or restocking purposes must be notified via the TRACE-System. Technically, one must use the certificate model "1251/2008 Aquaculture animals for farming, relaying, put and take fisheries, open ornamental facilities and restocking". As to date there are no "approved zones, regions or farms" with recognized health status in Switzerland, only the first page and the "general requirements" in part II of the certificate have to be completed.

Consignemts for which the regulation EC 1251/2008 does not reqire a veterinary certificate must be notified using the "intratrade.name.ITNotificationModel" available in TRACES.

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@blv.admin.ch

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