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Live frogs and frog legs

This page contains models of the required veterinary certificates and the lists of (third) countries of origin approved for the import and transit of live frogs and frog legs.

They apply with reservation as to
in force at the time of import.

Import from the EU

You find the relevant information in the document:
in force at the time of import.  

Import and transit from third countries

Regulations - permits

Type: PDF
Import and transit of foods of animal origin from third countries
Last modification: 15.07.2014 | Size: 208 kb | Type: PDF

Approved supplying countries

Countries approved for importing "frog legs" according to
For live frogs: all countries approved for importing fishery products, see at the relevant page.

Models of the required veterinary certificates

For live frogs

Type: PDF
07/17 Health certificate live frogs/snails
Last modification: 19.12.2006 | Size: 9 kb | Type: PDF

For frog legs [according to Regulation (EC) 1664/2006]

See Part A Appendix I Annex VI

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