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Rendered fat and tallow

This page contains the veterinary conditions for the import and transit of rendered animal fat and tallow intended for human consumption from third countries. Fish oil is considered a “fishery product”, import conditions see at the relevant page of this site.

They apply with reservation as to
in force at the time of import.  

Import and transit from third countries


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Import and transit of foods of animal origin from third countries
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The products have besides to comply with all standards set  by the Swiss food and animal health law (including requirements with respect to BSE).

Approved supplying countries

all countries approved for importing (fresh) meat of the same species or category, see at the relevant page of this site.
Third countries are eligible for exports according to the list referred to in

Models of the required certificates

Normally no certificates are necessary.
Consignments from the following countries have to be accompanied by an official confirmation certifying the appropriate heat treatment  (according to Annex I chapter  9 number 2 of Directive 92/118/EEC, see above): - at present none

Veterinary certificate for the import of lard and rendered fats for human consumption derived from land mammals from New Zealand:
- Fresh meat (ruminants, horses, pigs)
- Farmed and wild game (pigs, deer)

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Veterinary Certificate for New Zealand Products
Last modification: 19.11.2009 | Size: 91 kb | Type: PDF

Special provisions
- Paragraph 5 of the veterinary certificate may be certified
- Paragraph 5 of the veterinary certificate must only be completed for products from

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