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Meat of poultry including ratites, wild game-bird meat and eggs / egg products

Models of the required veterinary certificates - Lists of third countries of origin and supplying establishments approved for the import and transit of meat of poultry, ratites and wild game-birds as well as eggs and egg products intended for human consumption (exceptions concerning some egg products see page „composite foodstuffs”).

Since 1st September 2008 eggs and egg products for human consumption imported directly via a Swiss airport are subject to border veterinary inspections. Please note that, for animal health reasons, it is not possible to import eggs and egg products from many countries.
The following conditions apply with reservation as to:
in force at the time of import.  

Import and transit from third countries

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Import and transit of foods of animal origin from third countries
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Approved countries of origin

List of third countries, territories, zones or compartments from which poultry products may be imported or transited:
last amended by

Model Veterinary Certificates

The original of the certificate must accompany the consignment as far as the border inspection post.
Models of the certificates see annex I part 2 of regulation (EC) N° 798/2008
  • POU - Poultry meat of farmed birds, including birds that are not considered as domestic but which are farmed, with the exception of ratites *.
  • RAT - Ratite meat, excluding offal, of farmed ratites *.
  • WGM - Wild game-bird meat, excluding offal, except for non-plucked and non-eviscerated wild game-birds.
  • E - Eggs for human consumption.
  • EP - : Egg Products.
As of the 26th March 2013, new animal welfare certificates need to be inserted. For details and transitional periods, see

Imports of minced meat and mechanically separated meat of poultry, ratites and wild game-bird meat are not allowed.
Import-conditions for meat preparations and meat products: see corresponding chapters.

Third countries are eligible for exports according to the list referred to in

In food legislation the meat of ratites is considered as meat of farmed game.
Therefore, countries of origin approved by the EU for meat of ratites (RAT) as per regulation (EC) No. 798/2008 have to be in possession of a residue monitoring plan for farmed game approved by the EU.

Approved supplying establishments in third countries

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